Revisions Of An Application Essay

When writing an application essay, you should have to make quite a few revisions based on feedback that you see here from your friend or your teacher or your counselor I’m gonna at the same time if you’re working through drafts you know you don’t want to lose your voice as you’re making all of […]

Get Invested In Your Essay

I think if you balance writing about what you can bring to the school and what the school can bring to you in some way that I think you’ve done a good job answering that question you shouldn’t write about just what this was gonna bring to you because honestly you don’t know and the […]

A Simple Plan For Your Essay

We are going to learn how to write an informative essay you ready let’s go so let’s start with what is an informative essay the word informative means to give information that is what our essay is going to do our essay is going to provide the reader with information about our topic the structure […]

Narrative Essay Writing Tips

Objective: Write a 3-paragraph narrative about a time that you had an important decision to make. Complete all 5 steps of the writing process: Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing Progress Monitoring Teacher must initial before student proceeds to next step.   Date completed: Teacher initials: Prewriting (research completed and references provided)     Drafting (1st […]