A Simple Plan For Your Essay

We are going to learn how to write an informative essay you ready let’s go so let’s start with what is an informative essay the word informative means to give information that is what our essay is going to do our essay is going to provide the reader with information about our topic the structure of an essay has five paragraphs it has an introduction it has one two three body paragraphs and then it has a conclusion paragraphs so the structure of our essay that we are going to do today is going to have five paragraphs and it’s going to include the introduction three body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.

So let’s write an informative essay so we have our book that we are going to use to write our essay with and an informative essay can be written from a book a magazine a video a new show it can be written from any source because all you’re doing is providing information from that source to your reader so the gender of our book is nonfiction our topic is World War one and again the purpose of our essay is to inform people about World War one so let’s not forget that we must use the writing process when writing our essay in fact the writing process is used for any type of writing for example we have a text here and we have a dissertation here let me show you how both of these actually follow the writing process so let’s start with our text here so when we get ready to send the text we think about what we’re going to send and who we’re going to send it to then we write out our draft okay.

So we start writing our text okay then we change our minds we rewrite the text we change some words we add some emoticons then hopefully we go back and make sure we spelled all our letters correct we added some punctuation after we’ve done that we reread it again to make sure everything was great and then if it was great we sent it so in the space of two minutes the time that it takes to send a text you have actually followed all five steps of the writing process easy right now let’s go over here to our dissertation okay so we are a doctorate candidate for a PhD and we have to write this very in-depth dissertation we’re also going to follow this same writing process we’re going to think about what we’re going to write we’re going to draft our first draft write it down we’re going to revise it to make it better we’re then going to edit it to make sure that it has punctuation correct spelling all of that then we’re going to have it reviewed by one of our peers or a teacher and once we’re satisfied that we have it spic and span and nice and good then we’re going to publish it.