Get Invested In Your Essay

I think if you balance writing about what you can bring to the school and what the school can bring to you in some way that I think you’ve done a good job answering that question you shouldn’t write about just what this was gonna bring to you because honestly you don’t know and the college emission office officers know that you haven’t spent time there but also you have to talk charges I don’t know I’m kind of mumbling right now but talk about what would when you can bring to the school and what the school can bring to you if you can balance that then that I think you done it is you know I really like the idea of like this town from the city and really thinking about yeah like why why do you see yourself spending the next four years there why did why were you have even interested. Read more about honesty in essays at

When you first did your research like what stood out to you I’m kind of thinking about those ideas more in-depth expanding on them okay great so um the next one we have is actually I think I think it is very very important question and that is would it be better to write about a series of events or a single moment in my life and I’m thinking about that essay you know there might be a lot of things you want to talk about if some students write their essay by kind of you know starting at the day they were born chronological order of their life maybe not the best thing you guys can talk about that more but you know like what much can you be thinking about you know how much time should you be standing in your essay I think that the essays possible is if there is a you are talking about a series of events and then you realize you are running out of room and then you like and then you jump from being h5 to suddenly you are 18 and like the story’s resolved and I’m like wait wait there’s more where where else could you have gone right.

So I think that there’s some times when essays get extremely rushed and by the end of it you could tell that they just ran out of room in space and they just like and they threw in a concluding sentence and called it a day and so I think being much more thoughtful okay so if there are a series of events that I want to talk about do they all have a theme are they all pushing me in the same direction of the the general goal that this essay has like what is it that you are trying to tell in admissions office and do all of these stories back that up and can i succinctly describe them all without feeling rushed I think that that’s important question that you should be asking yourself much more so than whether it should be one thing versus a few things it is more it can I do it without it feeling rushed putting making the best.