How to write the perfect essay

Today I’m going to share with you all the literary tools I’ve picked up over my years of writing essays. You might want to grab a pencil and some popcorn because this is gonna be long.

Alright, I want to begin by talking about the title and the first sentence of your essay before anything else you need to make sure your first sentence and your title are not generic, they need to be eye-catching and make the audience want to read more, because if you can make these parts good then you’ll already have the reader on your side rooting for you. Before they’ve read a single other word of the essay just think if the title is the clickbait of your essay then your first sentence is like your essay reaching out at and of the reader and saying: hi I’m what you’re going to be dealing with for the next couple paragraphs so don’t have a sissy handshake, don’t have a sissy.

After you’ve established that your essay is in fact totally cool and worth reading then you have to worry about the other words in it, so my nice tip is expanding your vernacular: grow your geek speech, learn some new words and, use them creatively, so one really easy way to stop sounding generic is to avoid starting your sentences with common words like I or however or although. Try something different instead like, for example: inches from the ground tommy’s nose was about to communicate to his body that this was the day they’d get their lunch money stolen right. Itches isn’t even a complicated word but by starting the sentence with something different it gives that phrase and artistic flair uh but here’s the catch in your quest to sound artistic you don’t want to overuse these $100 words you know you don’t want to use big words that you don’t know how to use cuz when you do that you end up sounding like someone who uses big words? Just to try and sound smart and that’s trend pairing, you need to learn how to use everything in moderation.

The next thing: watch it is a formulaic structure for how to write your essay now, this is like the training wheels of essay writing meaning when you learn how to write like a big boy you can discard it until then it’s incredibly useful.