Revisions Of An Application Essay

When writing an application essay, you should have to make quite a few revisions based on feedback that you see here from your friend or your teacher or your counselor I’m gonna at the same time if you’re working through drafts you know you don’t want to lose your voice as you’re making all of these revisions and as people are telling you what their thoughts are right so you want to make sure that you’re still keeping your voice and their and authentic and not so doesn’t sound sounds like other people who think we’re editing your essay and they wanted you to change certain words and search phrases and it just doesn’t flow with the rest of your with your work you know you probably shouldn’t have too many people everything. Find out more about writing application essay on Edusson.

And actually just have a trusted people and then I would also suggest reading your application I mean I’m sorry reading your essay Allen yes to see kind of how it sounds does it flow and does it sound natural so we talked a little bit about formality earlier I think it should whether or not well personally I think it should sound more natural that doesn’t mean informal I think that just means like something they that would be a thought that comes out of you yeah kind of a nice way yeah I’m not just like how you talk your friends but yeah natural sounding and so reading out loud and that can help you catch some grammar of the state to you America meeting and we I don’t think we’ve mentioned this but as you’re drafting and it drafted in a Word document first so that you can catch some of those misspellings before you cut and paste it into the application we always suggest that you do that as opposed to just drafting it directly in that location and saving it for later do that so that you have that you have your computer to help you catch some mistakes that you might not see otherwise.

Because we don’t have a built-in spell checker in the application so yeah you have to be doing that on your own and not looking for little red squiggly lines right and that way if you save it on your document or something you have a copy of it on your computer or somewhere where you can access it versus typing in the application because once you submit it you’re not going to be able to go back to the application and you know copy and paste that and see this okay we’re gonna move on to some of these questions here here all right so we’ve got well one of those just just a question about quest fringe in general and I think this is important for you to know how many applicants go on to be in and I think we don’t have a cap at that we take as many of you as are qualified so there’s there’s no competition.