The perfect formula for an academic essay

The main thing: watch it is a formulaic structure for how to write my essay now, this is like the training wheels of essay writing meaning when you learn how to write like a big boy you can discard it until then it’s incredibly useful.

The perfect decision for the write my essay formula is four to five paragraphs composed of one intro paragraph two to three body paragraphs and then one conclusion paragraph also known as the kink, this paragraph this little piggy went home to write my essay. Now bear with me because this gets a little bit detail your intro. Paragraph should be used to introduce some kind of question you want your essay to answer and then your body paragraphs should be used to develop some line of reasoning. To discover the answer to that question and then your concluding paragraph should be used to summarize everything you’ve already said answer the question and then either one opens up a new question to the world or to tie a nice pretty little bow on the end of your essay that ties everything together.

Now if you’re in America you might be freaking out because I haven’t mentioned the word thesis once don’t fret thesis is just a fancy way to say this is the answer to my question. If you need to present a thesis in your essay this is the structure you’ll use the intro to present the thesis, use the body paragraphs to develop an argument for that thesis and use the concluding paragraph to restate that thesis in different words easy peasy lemon squeezy, but just in case this wasn’t all easy peasy lemon squeezy, I will include a link down in the description that goes into more detail about how to write the perfect academic essay and I’ll give you some more advice.

There are a few things you need to remember for perfect write my essay formula – one each paragraph should have its own unique point, it’s own unique special snowflake additionally every sentence should have a purpose, if it doesn’t – delete it. When presenting body paragraphs, you always start with your strongest argument and end with your weakest. One and lastly every transition should be fluid, the last sentence of the paragraph should always have a hook to the first sentence of the following paragraph and vice versa. Now I’m just gonna throw a little bit of miscellaneous advice toward you guys and this one is what I call use your weaknesses to show your stripes. Use your weaknesses to show your strengths means that you should consider adding a counter-argument to your essay.