Writing Counterargument Paragraphs

When you use a counter-argument it does two things:

– one it shows that you’re intelligent enough to understand that there’s another side to the issue and

– two it gives you an opportunity to care that counter-argument apart with logic and make your point seem even more legitimate

Fun fact the best place to put a counter-argument is usually in that third body paragraph.

Finally getting to your creative essay writers now creative essay writers you still have to use a lot of these elements I’ve already listed, but you have a lot more freedom over where to use them so luckily or unluckily. No training wheels for you yeah you’re just gonna have to roll with it so one thing that does stay consistent between creative essays and academic essays is that there’s still an idea that needs to be developed throughout the course of the essay and needs to be resolved at the end somehow. What I’m going to do for you guys is I’m going to include down in the description below a link to one of my successful Harvard application essays and also an outline describing how I use each paragraph to advance an idea so won’t give you a formula but it’ll give you a sense of what needs to be done and I’m telling you I’ve seen dead people as the sixth sense and seeing out write a good essay. Is the seven after you do it enough times you’ll start to sense how it’s done even if you can’t fully articulate, it which leads me perfectly into my next point practice makes perfect. I cannot stress this enough practice makes perfect when you’re trying to go from training wheels to whoa look ma no hands practice is the only thing standing between the two.

I would encourage you to get as much writing under your belt as you can join the school newspaper. Write creative content for the internet etc. Because by doing something a million and both times you’ll finally learn the nuances of it and no amount of money no amount of talent no amount of watching YouTube videos will ever teach you as much as practice.

At this point I know you guys might be like we want cold hard techniques you want a tip that always works, make sure your grammar and vocab is a hundred percent correct, you make one spelling or grammar mistake and it will undermine your entire essay. Take the 30 seconds to invest in a Google search and learn the vocab and sentence structures that you don’t understand fully. Trust me: that, they’re there and there’s – the world will thank you as will your essay reader.

Alright maybe all my advice was fine and dandy you know for like 90% of situations but sometimes you’re just looking at a blank Word document and you’re too petrified to even start and I get it essays are like the basilisks of real life you can’t look an eye or they’ll kill you. Sometimes you got to use a different approach, now a lot of people would advise to you to just word vomit all over your blank page. I think that’s one gross and too disgusting instead what I would advise you to do is write an outline. An outline is great because it gives you a place to just write all your main ideas in a crude and ugly fashion. After you’ve come up with your main ideas, the only thing left is figuring out how to creatively link them. I mean creativity and main ideas are like talking on a cell phone and trying to cut a steak. Sure they can be done at the same time, but when you separate on both activities become much easier. Last but holy cow not least: read the requirements for the essay and follow them. Otherwise, you could end up rain the completely perfect essay on a completely wrong topic.